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Together, we’ll see it through. 

My hope is that working alongside Softe is a significant reset for business and business owner alike, inspiring you to grow your business with renewed clarity, confidence, and excitement for what’s to come. Softe’s signature services - art direction, brand identity, and web design - are centered around showcasing your work in the romantic softe light it deserves. 

I’m Delcy, founder and artist behind Softe Studio.

In the spring of 2021, Softe began to take shape under the name Homebody Creative. Despite the eventual name change, my purpose was clear from the start: use my affection for poetic, unconventional design to help creative entrepreneurs find ease, alignment, and inspiration within their businesses.

And so the daydream became day job. (Pinch me.)

Delcy Garnaas  [b.1997, USA]


By working with Softe on their design projects, clients are able to see the extent of their own talents and the richness of their expertise with fresh eyes, renewing their belief in their own business & their capacity to create meaningful work.



An artist’s unique perspective, vision, and thought give their art its character and emotional depth. At Softe, I create from a place of originality and imagination to give brands the unique visual identity they deserve.



Details matter – in design, in business, and in life more broadly. My design process is markedly thorough, and I don’t send off designs to my clients until I’m proud of every tiny detail. Because as famed industrial designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” 



At its heart, small-business ownership is a choice to go against expectation and personalize your work life in the fullest way – so your business’s branding and website should be every inch as individualized. Together, we’ll dream up a brand identity that faithfully reflects the spirit of your brand and your vision for the future.



[what to expect from me + my work]

studio values

Well-branded anything
Film + b&w photos
Iced matcha
Pearls and silver jewelry
My partner, Noah
Our dynamic duo dogs, Ollie & Ziggy


Magazines + coffee table books
Fancy cocktail lounges
An oversized buttondown
Coloring books
Disco balls x afternoon sun
My ever-growing record collection

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