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Hey, you. I’m over the moon that you’ve found your way here. (Don’t you love it when the stars align?) Softe Studio is founded on a belief that humans, and their art, should be celebrated. And something tells me that you’re ready to (finally) showcase your artistry in the light it’s deserved all along.

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Get in Touch With the Studio

Let’s give your brand a softe place to land.

I usually book 2-4 months in advance. So if you’re interested in working together, I’d recommend reaching out earlier rather than later so we can secure your spot!

When can we get started?

Two rounds of revisions are included for custom branding and website design projects. This is usually plenty, but if you’d like to add-on further revision rounds, they’re available at the studio hourly rate of $80/hour.

How many rounds of edits are included?

Project duration depends on the scope, as well as if you add on any additional services (think: Shopify integration, social media templates, etc.). But once I have a sense of what you’re looking for, you’ll receive an estimated timeline ASAP.

How long do design projects take?

For the sake of consistency, I don’t typically create websites with branding from another studio. But if you think your branding aligns with the Studio Softe style, send me a note and we can chat further.

Can you design my website if another studio designed my branding?

You can certainly book branding on its own! But when it comes to web design, I’ve learned that it’s necessary to already have branding finalized and waiting on the sidelines. After all, your branding – logos, fonts, colors – are the foundational elements of any website. Creating your branding and website at the same time ensures your brand is consistent, meaningful, and impactful at every touch point. 

I’d be honored to work with you on both! As my treat, enjoy a $500 discount when you book both branding and website design together. 

Can we do a website without branding? Vice versa?

Once you click send on the above inquiry form, I’ll be in touch to learn more about you and how I can help on the design front. If we’re a mutual fit (what a rush!), we’ll then work our way through the project in phases, from getting to know the subject matter (aka, the masterpiece of a brand you’ve been building) to bringing your visual identity into being. You can learn more about the studio workflow here.

How does the process work for custom design?

After your initial deposit that saves your spot on the studio calendar, your following payments start monthly on your start date.

When are payments due?

The following fall outside of the scope of signature packages but may be available at an additional rate on a project-by-project basis: additional revision rounds, font licenses, image sourcing, brand photography, copywriting, SEO, website terms and privacy policies, web subscription and hosting, printing.

What isn’t included in your pricing?

Absolutely. By opting for custom design, you’re making a significant investment in your business in more ways than one. And for that reason, I’m happy to make this step as smooth as possible for you. The specifics of your payment plan will be dependent on project scope and your individual needs, but most payment plans range from 2-4 months. For larger projects, the first payment is a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated project total for that saves your spot on the Softe Studio calendar; for smaller projects, the deposit is 50%. After making your deposit, the following payments will begin monthly on your official start date. (If you need a more customized payment plan, we can talk through other options for you.)

Do you offer payment plans?

For the most up-to-date pricing info, pop over to Showit’s pricing menu to learn more. I’d recommend the ‘Showit’ or the ‘Showit & Basic Starter Blog package’ depending on your needs – both are aligned with pricing you’ll find from other competitors, which makes choosing Showit a breeze. (Not sure what you need? We can talk all about it when we kick off your web design project.)

How much does Showit cost?

Many artists have their favorite tools, and Showit is a Studio Softe favorite. All custom web design projects are created exclusively via Showit, and all premade website designs in the template shop are exclusively for Showit sites, too.

What website platforms do you use?

Showit’s design functionality and capacity for customization is more advanced and flexible than website platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress. And because Showit has more creative control on the designer’s end of things, that means a more personalized, meaningful website for you and a more engaging, accessible website experience for your clients. (File under: win-win-win.)

What are the benefits of using Showit for my website?

The Softe Template Shop is a slowly growing collection of templates intentionally created for artists and business owners like you. The shop currently consists of Showit Website Templates and Canva Pricing Guides. Please explore the current library here.

What types of templates do you offer?

Each template comes with resources and training materials to give you all the support you need to start customizing your template. Please review details in the template shop here.

How do I use the templates?

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